How to Create a Killer Landing Page in 2021

Writen by Kierin Flanagan

A guide towards creating successful landing pages that convert.


Landing pages are everywhere on the web, so you’re bound to run into a couple as you are browsing. If designed well, a good landing page can increase your conversions from almost all of your digital marketing channels.

Good landing pages, simply, are designated pages strategically made in order to reach a certain goal. That goal could be to increase conversions, sell more from your PPC campaign, get more sign-ups on your email marketing campaign, and have many other purposes. 

Although powerful, creating a good landing page is unique from an effective website, PPC campaign, or email newsletter in its own right. To create a good landing page, you should follow certain methods for maximum success.

What are landing pages?

When you click on anything on the internet, nine times out of ten, it’s going to bring you to a landing page. If you’re brought from one page to another, you’ve officially made it to a landing page. A good landing page, however, isn’t that simple.

Good landing pages are made with your goals in mind and created with the purpose of achieving those goals. They can contain lead forms, products, or signups, but always have some sort of Call To Action.

Why does your website need a landing page?

So why would you spend the time creating a landing page when your homepage can do the same thing? Well, strategically designed landing pages bring in a few things to the mix. Firstly, they bring in specificity, and secondly, they remove distractions.

Studies show that the more targeted an advertisement is towards its audience, the more likely someone in that audience will buy. Therefore, if you design your landing page towards a certain goal or audience, they are more likely to convert.

Think about it like this: let’s say you’ve just bought a home and need a contractor to do some kitchen renovations. You see an ad for kitchen renovations and it brings you to a contractor’s homepage talking about everything they do, including flooring, roofing, renovations, plumbing, and electric. There’s a high likelihood that you’ll start reading about everything else they do, start clicking around, and end up going off the page and doing something else. Now compare that to a landing page that brings you right to types of kitchen renovations they’ve done, beautiful pictures of granite countertops, and a big “Request a Quote” button. Which company would you be more likely to use?

Understand Your Goals

Congratulations for wanting to succeed, we really applaud you for putting in the effort to do better, but you need to have an end destination for your landing page. Otherwise, you’re just going to end up lost. Ben Franklin once said, “if you’re failing to plan, you’re planning to fail.” If you have no goal in mind, your end result will not be what you’re hoping for. So, you just need to figure out what you want to achieve from your landing page!

So, back to the kitchen renovation example. A general contractor that doesn’t have enough clients needs to focus on getting leads. To make a landing page in tune with that goal, they should pick their most popular services – renovations, flooring installations, and roofing, for example, and create landing pages for each of them. Maybe you’re a baker looking to sell more cupcakes. Make a landing page for your sweets sections. Any strong beginning needs to have a clear end.

Have a Clear Call To Action

Possibly the most vital part of a successful landing page, clear call to actions are crucial. Your call to action should align with your goals, your copy, and everything else on your landing page. If your headline says “Best Muffins in LA,” you better make sure that your call to action button says something about your muffins!

Keep it Simple

Your landing page is made for one reason: completing your goals, whatever they may be. If you’re trying to increase conversions, that’s it. Therefore, any unnecessary information, images, or competing links (like a navigation menu) will just distract your visitors and ultimately reduce your conversion rate.

Use Emotion

According to Harvard professor Gerald Zaltman, 95% of our purchasing decisions are made through emotions. Think of any charismatic person, CEO, or leader you know of. Do they speak using more logic, or more emotion? Instead of focusing on its technical processing speed and interface, Steve Jobs marketed Apple as the “cool person’s PC” and it killed, all because he knew of this purchasing decision phenomenon. 

How can you easily bring emotion into your landing page? Well, including limited-time offers, telling a story, and picking certain colors are all simple ways you can add some emotional marketing to your page.

Use Trust Signals

Unfortunately, no one is going to convert on your landing page if they don’t trust you. In order to make your audience trust you, you need to put trust signals onto your landing pages. Some examples of trust signals you could include on your landing pages include reviews from previous customers, case studies or images of previous work, and any certifications or rewards you’ve gotten over the years.

Upsell & Thank You Pages

The hardest part of converting is actually getting someone to convert, so why would you let your customers leave without trying to keep selling to them? According to Outbound Engine, gaining a new customer can cost up to 5x more than retaining an existing customer, so you need to make sure you keep selling after you’ve made the first sale.

A great way to do that is after your customer has completed their sign up, purchase, or has converted on your landing page is to redirect them to something that ties in with what they just converted on. If you’re a dentist and just got a lead for a cleaning, you could send them to a new landing page with either a better cleaning package or a teeth whitening procedure.

What if you only have one product? Send them to a thank you page with blog articles relating to your business or product!

Match Your Landing Page With Your Ad

This is an often overlooked, important step for a successful landing page. If your ad is selling pull up bars, don’t bring your audience to your homepage, bring them to your pull up bars!

Studies have shown that using similar images and wording as your ad on your landing page can increase your conversion rate by up to 50%!

Keep Important Info Above The Fold

I like to call this one the “ten-second rule.” If your audience can’t tell what it is you’re offering within ten seconds, your landing page needs a revamp. Any important information like your call to action, your offer, and your trust signals should be able to be seen right when a person loads on your page. If they have to scroll around looking for any important information, chances are they won’t.

Make Your Landing Page Responsive

According to techjury, over 50% of all internet traffic comes from smartphone users. Therefore, it is a necessity to cater to that audience. Making sure you follow all of the steps on this article for all devices will ensure you maximize your chances of getting conversions.

Include Images & Videos That Match Your Offer

Good images should showcase what you’re offering, as well as represent who your target audience is. Studies show that including a real human in your banner image can increase your conversion rate by 95%. Therefore, if you sell cupcakes and know the majority of your audience is mothers, make your landing page’s banner image an image of a mother with a cupcake.

Remember to Test

Landing pages aren’t about setting it and forgetting it. Making your perfect landing page is a matter of trial and error. Things like image choice, headlines, copy, button placement, colors, and more all greatly affect how a landing page performs. Without doing so, you will be leaving many customers on the table.

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