Green Apple General Contracting

Green Apple General Contracting is a NYC-based construction company that focuses on residential buildings.

The main challenge presented was that Green Apple had no online presence before work had begun. Due to that, it was up to me to build their website from the ground up, set up email campaigns, Google Adwords campaigns, and create a social media presence. 

Green Apple
General Contracting

Website Design and Development

After seeing some of Green Apple’s beautiful projects, I knew I wanted a large banner showcasing some of their best projects. So, after a few design iterations through Adobe XD, I was able to implement the slideshow banner along with a CTA form, testimonials, previous commercial clients, a featured project section, and finally an Instagram section for the home page.

The site as itself as a whole maintains a professional look and feel, but makes sure to include the business’s values and humor throughout the content.

SEO Tactics

There were a variety of SEO tactics performed for Green Apple. Some of these tactics included:

  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • FAQ Schema Markup
  • Anchor Text Optimization
  • Heading Structure Optimization
  • Blog Page Creation
  • Alt text Optimization
  • Link building techniques


Form implementation and minor email automation was created using MailChimp


Keyword research, re targeting campaigns, and further campaign optimization was run through Google Adwords.

Social Media

Facebook and Instagram channels created. After two months, engagement reached approximately 60 likes per post, follower count reached 300.

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